Wikipedia: [insert subject] in fiction!

I’ve just been finishing some articles for a science anthology to be published later this year, and been using Wikipedia for some cross checking and fact dipping, and noticed an irritating trend.

In a lot of Wikipedia’s articles there is a heading somewhere toward the end saying “[subject] in fiction.” For instance, Cyborgs in fiction, or Quantum computers in fiction. Most of the time these are the most fiercely debated areas on the article, with editors giving lucid reasons why/why isn’t Darth Vader a cyborg. The nerds of the world know more about where and how the subject crops up in Manga. Meanwhile, the rest of the article crumbles, aching for some real information with proper references.

Personally, I’d snip the offending passages out of the articles and put them in an article of their very own with a link from the original. But, hey, my priorities have changed since turning 30.