If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere right now, there is a star currently exploding the M82, the Cigar Galaxy. (Sometimes a galaxy is just a galaxy, y’know.)

There’s some good visuals in this video:

Though, I agree with my friend Alan Duffy who baulks at the soundtrack. Here’s my suggestion: turn down the music of the above video and play the following instead:

Ah, Tijuana!


The US Navy have shot down a spy satellite that was threatening life on Earth.

Specifically, it had some canisters of hydrazine used for propulsion that would cause ‘harm’. Something had to be done!


If I’m reading this right, a spy satellite that would burn up on reentry was shot down so that it could burn up on reentry.

With this coming (relatively) hot on the heels of China shooting down a weather satellite, it’s hard to read this as anything other than “Anything you can do, we can do better.”

Interestingly, they used a projectile with no warhead. Good ol’ kinetic energy from something moving very fast smacking into something else moving very fast.

And in the “Bad American News Story” file, this CNN feature has (among paranoid New Yorkers expecting a satellite to fall on their heads) a picture of the Hubble Space Telescope as “the satellite”.