Marscraft, the beta

I have uploaded the VSSEC Marscraft beta to my public Dropbox. Download the files here.


1. Unzip the Marscraft to somewhere convenient.

2. Inside is a folder called “The Resource Pack”. It has a single folder called “Marscraft”. This needs to go into the Minecraft resourcepacks folder. The easiest way to get to it is:
o Start Minecraft;
o From the main menu, go to “Options…”
o Go to “Resource Packs…”
o Click “Open resource pack folder”.
o Copy the whole “Marscraft” folder into “resourcepacks”.

3. In the “Select Resource Packs” menu, move Marscraft from “Available Resource Packs” to “Selected Resource Packs”.

4. Now for the “Marscraft 3.3” folder in “The Save Game”. This needs to be copied to “saves” folder in the “minecraft” folder (just under the “resourcepacks” folder.)

Playing the Marscraft Adventure Map.

You are an explorer on Mars. You wake up one bright Mars morning in the Gale Crater to the sound of alarms. The Lovecraft rover has gone haywire, and needs to be retrieved.
Your mission is to:
1. Track down the Mars rover.
2. Repair the return trail between the base and the rover.
3. Write down the Rover report data, and note it down its location on this sheet.
4. Ride the rover back to base!

If you download the file and try it out, do let me know! Drop me a line either to my email (subject line: Marscraft beta) or contact me through Twitter @seanmelliott. I will put your name down on the “Testers” credits, and will send you a thank you present.