Dry July day 30: The End Is Near

Every time I’ve done a post about Dry July, I have posted it out through my Facebook page and through Twitter. On Twitter, many people have been posting thoughts and updates and appeals for donations through the #dryjuly hashtag, and after I post a link to my latest ramble, I have a look through what people are saying.

There’s a lot of people asking for donations through their Dry July profile page. (Like this one. 😀 ) Now and then there’s a submission tweet to the effect of “Oh well, there’s always next year… #wetjuly” The other-half of an exchange “@somebody No, I won’t be drinking #dryjuly”

Increasingly, as 31 July nears, I’m seeing tweets that are laden with anticipation:

“2 days to go! #dryjuly”

“Almost there! Goodbye #dryjuly Hello #wetaugust”

“That first can of rum isn’t going to touch the sides! #dryjuly”

The calendar rolls over, and there is a stampede to pubs and bottle shops. Bottles of wine, six packs of beer, cans of mixes, fine Scotch, cheap whiskey, grabbed with abandon. Pints will be pulled, and schooners served. With the abstinence over, the liquid containing varying amounts of that all-important C2H6O molecule will flow again.

I don’t want it.

This is a little unprecedented for me. I stopped drinking for health reasons, and have discovered a whole host of added effects, such as brain power, physical energy, and emotional stability. This is sheer wonderment!

So for now, I’m going to keep not drinking.

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