100 Rooms in Inform 7

As a writing project, I’m going to create 100 rooms in the Inform 7 text adventure programming language.

There is only one rule for each room: there must be an exit. Once the player uses the exit, the game is over.

The Watchers teaches kids about online privacy

The Watchers is a game designed by seven kids with two game designers. It plays on iPad, but has a neat ‘real world’ board game feature.

The Watchers isn’t like other edugames out there. It was designed with a team of 7 kids, who injected it with imagination and humour, while pushing for creative approaches to the presentation of educational content. The game doesn’t attempt to teach dry skills; rather, its goal is to stimulate discussion and raise awareness about tough questions.

Rather than teaching children to memorize ways they can avoid “stranger danger,” the game facilitates the development of autonomous privacy decision making skills. In so doing, children can use the game to practice making assessments about which individuals or companies they should share their information with, as well as critically thinking about what the consequences of those choices may be.

Also check out their design diary for the project at the Gaming Privacy blog.

(Thank Kate Raynes-Goldie.)

Destination: Honours

Part of this year is dedicated to doing a project through GEElab – RMIT’s Games & Experimental Entertainment Laboratory. Specifically, I’ll be looking at games in science education, with the view of making a game for a secondary school audience.

I’ll be posting bits of research as the year goes on through this blog, which will include pedagogy and teaching ideas, as well as views and rants about Media and Communications at RMIT.