Easy Easel

In previous Rough Science stage shows, I’ve used an easel to display diagrams, old-school.

Rough Science 2012

For Rough Science: LIFE in Adelaide, I need not only one easel, but five. Five. At around eighty bucks a pop, I need something much, much cheaper. On top of that, they need to be light, collapsable, and transportable so I can fly them in February.

I am a very big fan of PVC pipes and connectors, having used them for previous science interactives and activities. After spending a quarter hour in the PVC plumbing aisle at the hardware store, I came up the the Quick and Dirty Easel.

You will need:

o Three (3) 100cm lengths of PVC pipe;
o Three (3) 60cm lengths of PVC pipe;
o Two (2) 3cm lengths of PVC pipe;
o Two (2) T connectors;
o Two (2) L connectors;
o One (1) coupling;
o Three (3) caps;
o One (1) bolt and wing-nut.

All the parts

In the ends of the 60cm pipe, I drilled holes for the bolt. In two of them I made an elongated hole so that the legs could spread.

Holes in pipes

Connect the 3cm lengths to the L connectors. These will hold up the card/diagrams/Sunflowers by Van Gogh.

Picture holder

The bolt goes through the drilled holes. The elongated holes face inwards.

Bolted ends

Connect the pipes to the T connectors and coupling. From here, it’s like Lego. Or Mechano. Or K’Nex.

Finished easel

It is lightweight and strong enough to hold a stack of card.


Now to spray paint it!

(Don’t forget the correct PPE.)

Spray painting PPE

UPDATE: Replace the caps with rubber stoppers to make the easel non-slip.

2014-01-25 22.05.22

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