LaunchPod Launches!

I am collaborating with another science communicator, the talented Vanessa Hill, on a podcast!

It’s called LaunchPod, and will be presenting ideas, careers, and possible futures for Australian students passionate about the space industry.

The podcasts feature interviews with professionals involved with space science research, development, exploration and discovery in Australia. We’ll be finding out what they do, how they got started, and for any advice they can give to aspiring young people.

The first episode of LaunchPod was released last Friday, and can be found on Soundcloud: LaunchPod Episode One.

LaunchPod also has a website at, and you can follow updates on Twitter at @launchp0d (that’s a zero, not an oh.)

Cornflour Slime + Music

I had seen this particular demo going about on YouTube for a while, but it wasn’t until we tried it for a holiday program that I wanted to investigate it further.

The idea is that the cornflour is a non-Newtonian fluid; that is, it does not behave like a classical fluid, ie, water. It instead changes its consistency depending on the forces acting on it. At times it can flow and ooze. Other times it can feel and act like a solid.

Pour the mixture into a sound speaker, and find the right percussive action, and you get all kinds of spectacular behaviour.

Cornflour Slime in a Speaker!