You and Me versus Zombies

Over the past several years I have mentioned to people (usually with a wine glass in my hand and slightly slurring) that I had an idea for a story called “A Reluctant Father’s Guide to Child-Raising in a Post-Apocalyptic World.”

The idea sprang from a couple of sources. Mainly that (when Gabe was on the way) I couldn’t stand the So-You’re-Going-To-Be-A-Father books that I was presented with. Presumptuous, belittling paperbacks, usually filled with cartoons of incompetent males trying to change nappies.

(I only ever found one that spoke on my wavelength: Dad Rules by Andrew Clover. Very insightful and utterly brilliant.)

“If I was ever to write one of those books,” I would say, “It would have a backdrop of the zombie-apocalypse.”

Several have said they would like to see such a story. So here it comes.

I have taken a page (ahem) out of Max Barry’s book, and will be presenting it one page a day, give or take a paragraph.