National Novel Writing Month: done and dusted

NaNoWriMo 09 winnerIt hurt.  But I managed to get 50,000 words written through the month of November.  Some interesting facts about them:

  • It’s actually 50,021 words long (by the counter) or 50,219 (as counted by Google Docs);
  • The word cloud suggests I use the word ‘back’ a lot;
  • Printed, it forms a pile that’s 13.15mm high (plus or minus 0.01mm).

Beauford by Sean M Elliott

It’s interesting to look back at how my word count progressed.  Once you’re behind it’s really hard to catch up.  (There’s a few days where I was internet-free, hence the enormous jump around day 15/16).

NaNoWriMo Stats Sean

Overall, I’m happy with the finished product.  I’ve learned some useful skills, and discovered quite a lot of themes I’m passionate about working their way into the text: illusion, automatons, weird Lovecraftian horror.

So right now I’m going to stick it in a drawer for a few weeks, then look at it again after I’ve focussed on things like my family and work and life in general.

I would suggest to anyone who is serious about writing to do it next year to help kick-start if you’re having trouble putting your pen to paper.  For me, though, one NaNoWriMo will possibly be enough.

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