Fortunes in Formulas – Biting Iron

(If you try the following and it leaves you with less fingers, a chronic skin condition, or really embarrassed, then it’s your own damn fault.)

Magic from Hiscox and Sloan:

Biting Off Red-Hot Iron.–Take a piece of hoop iron about 2 feet long, place it in a vise and bend it backwards and forwards, about an inch from the end, until it is nearly broken off.  Put this in a furnace until it becomes red hot, then take it in your right hand, grasp the broken end in your teeth, being careful not to let it touch your lips or your tongue, make a “face” as though it was terribly hard to bite off, and let the broken end drop from between your teeth into a pail of water (which your should always have at hand in case of fire), when the hissing will induce the belief that the portion bitten off is still “red hot” – it way be, for that matter, if the iron be nearly broken off in the first place and if you have good teeth and are not afraid to injure them.

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