Fortune in Formulas: Toilet Vinegars (1)

(If you try the following and it leaves you with less fingers, a chronic skin condition, or really embarrassed, then it’s your own damn fault.)

“Beauty Water.”–
Fresh egg albumen … 500 parts
Glycerine …………….. 50 parts
50% Alcohol ………… 25 parts
Lemon oil …………….  2 parts
Lavender oil ………….  2 parts
Oil of thyme ………….  2 parts
Mix the ingredients well together.  When first mixed the liquid becomes flocculent, but after standing for 2 or 3 days clears up–sometimes becomes perfectly clear, and may be decanted.  It forms a light, amber-colored liquid that remains clear for months.
At night, before retiring, pour about a teaspoonful of the water in the palm of the hand, and rub it over the face and neck, letting it dry on.  In the morning, about an hour before the bath, repeat the operation, also letting the liquid dry on the skin.  The regular use of this preparation for 4 weeks will give the skin an extraordinary fineness, clearness, and freshness.

Fortunes in Formulas – Biting Iron

(If you try the following and it leaves you with less fingers, a chronic skin condition, or really embarrassed, then it’s your own damn fault.)

Magic from Hiscox and Sloan:

Biting Off Red-Hot Iron.–Take a piece of hoop iron about 2 feet long, place it in a vise and bend it backwards and forwards, about an inch from the end, until it is nearly broken off.  Put this in a furnace until it becomes red hot, then take it in your right hand, grasp the broken end in your teeth, being careful not to let it touch your lips or your tongue, make a “face” as though it was terribly hard to bite off, and let the broken end drop from between your teeth into a pail of water (which your should always have at hand in case of fire), when the hissing will induce the belief that the portion bitten off is still “red hot” – it way be, for that matter, if the iron be nearly broken off in the first place and if you have good teeth and are not afraid to injure them.

Resolution: The Photographic Images of NASA

Earthrise - Apollo 8

As part of the upcoming Light Years – Photography and Space exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, my brilliant partner Colleen Boyle will be giving a talk on the Photographic Images of NASA.  Specifically, the ones taken by NASA Astronauts when they should have been keeping to mission timetables.

Short Talks Afternoon: Nothing’s Gonna Change My World
Sat 8 Aug, 2.30–3.30pm

  • Resolution: The Photographic Images of NASA
    Speaker Colleen Boyle, Vocational Education Officer, Museum Victoria
  • Cost $18 Adult / $12 NGV Member / $14 Concession / $10 Student

More information and booking through the NGV.

Meet a NASA Astronaut

Megan McArthurHere’s a free Science Week event in Melbourne to not miss:

At only 38 years of age, NASA astronaut Megan McArthur has already ventured on her first mission into space. Clocking 12 days and 21 hours, travelling 8,489,084 kilometres in 197 Earth orbits, in May this year Megan embarked on the fifth and final servicing mission for the Hubble Space Telescope.

On the mission, Megan was responsible for the delicate operation of the robotic arm to capture the Hubble Space Telescope and then release it again once the repairs were complete.

Join us at RMIT to hear about life as an astronaut and NASA’s plans for the future.

Tuesday 18 August, 6.30pm
Kaleide Theatre – RMIT
360 Swanston Street, Melbourne
FREE (seats limited, call 03 9252 6472 to book a seat)

Also check out for more events.

Fortunes in Formulas

Fortunes in Formulas

In my last expedition to a second-hand bookstore I came across a moldering book with yellow-to-brown pages called “Fortunes in Formulas for Home, Farm and Workshop.”  First published in 1907, the edition I found is from 1937, and contains 10,000 formulas for ACID PROOFING to YELLOW (CHROME), TEST FOR.

It’s the sort of book that every handyman would have had in their shed, though the copy I found automatically falls open to the CONDIMENTS section.  (The more I look through it, the more I’m sure a future reader will find it falling open on PYROTECHNICS.)

A friend of mind flicking through it was saddened by the thought that a text like this no longer exists, and the book in his hand amounted to lost knowledge.  On the other hand, it could be argued that as some of the formulas contain ingredients or procedure that today are questionable if not downright dangerous it might be best out of the hands of Joe Bloggs, Esq.

But as you and I are are above the crowd (admit it, you clever sausage) I’m going to post the odd formula from Hiscox and Sloane.  But I hasten to add that, for safety to yourself and the world at large, I don’t recommend trying out said formula.  Basically: if you do and it leaves you with less fingers, a chronic skin condition, or really embarrassed, then it’s your own damn fault.

This week, something titillating.  Strangely, nowhere in the book are there instructions for how to apply the mixture.

50 grams Lanolin
50 grams Vaseline
20 drop Tincture of Benzoin
Mixed with water in which 10 grams of iodide of potassium has been dissolved.