“Bow, Nigger” and others.

Bow, Nigger changed the way I looked at writing about computer games. Instead of a list of requirements and features, writing about computer games could be a postcard from imaginary places.

Another piece I was following from the same site was Fools Rush In which was documenting a different way of getting storytelling into a computer game. This piqued my interest because for years I have been bugging the disinterested around me with my wild ravings about how computer games could be different. Or to put it another way, here’s a kick-arse realtime 3d engine; can we do something with it other than running and shooting zombies? “Fools Rush In” is an interesting, though incomplete read; it hasn’t been touched since 2005 and I have a feeling the author has a few more pressing things on his plate.

IMTAP and the Cheese Man

Last Friday saw the first conference performance of The Cheese Man, not to the adoring General Public, but instead to the hard and steely gaze of the “performance in cultural institutions” big names.  To my credit, I did it without too many hitches, and even managed to spray milk over the girls in the front row.

I was gratified to later find that some were genuinely impressed; even Tubby the Robot said he enjoyed it, and that meant a lot coming from him.

So Cheese Man has legs.  The Science Week experiment may see another revival next Science Week, and hopefully with a drop more funding.  

The conference also saw the official launch of IMTAP: International Museum Theatre Asia Pacific with typical Patric Watt aplomb and fanfare.