Bios, and other histories.

For Scientifica (published later this year) I’m supposed to put together a 50 word bio about myself. Writing about myself, which is selling myself; not one of my strong points.

Frankly, I’m tempted to go down the Good Omens track, where in the third person Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman ask the reader for banana daiquiris and money respectively.

Something that I’ve stood by these past few years is that history of Australia is more interesting than what I was taught: Gold Rush and Explorers. The sum total of Australian history for me was some gold was found, and a bunch of guys got lost in the desert and died.

Luckily, John Howard’s history of Australia went down in flames last November. Every last Don Bradman six of it.

So, I propose a new history of Australia be written: “Australian History: The Bits John Howard Didn’t Want You To See.” Tonight on ABC was a good starting point: Hunt Angels. It told the story of Australian director Rupert Kathner, but the bit that took my imagination was the Sydney of 1920 to 1940. More like Capone’s Chicago.

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  1. I imagine the type of bio you write will depend on the type of writing you want to be asked to do in the future…I always keep 2 bios to hand – the Serious Writer one, and the WEEHEEE entertaining one.

  2. Got a copy of either I could have a squizz at?

    I just want to spice up what I currently have: he did this degree, worked at that place. Never knew my life in 50 words could be such a yawn-fest.

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